Hemkade, Zaandam


March 9 | 2024


This winter we will gather at our beloved Hemkade again for some serious BPM at our purest hardcore event: Hellbound – Welcome to the Machine.

Hellbound looks back on a 3 decade legacy
We have changed, you have changed, the world has changed
But Hellbound is still… hard as hell.

We don’t live in the past

We live now. To the fullest. And hardest.
But one thing we cherish from the old days:
a welcoming and open minded hardcore scene
Welcoming to all people
Open minded to all music over 170 BPM.

Hellbound 2024 is coming: March 9th, Hemkade, Zaandam.

Register here for our pre sale. You’ll be the first to get your ticket, for the best early bird price.

Apac – Arjuna – Bass-D – Da Mouth of Madness – Dart – Doris – Dr. Peacock – DRS – Faniac – Guiberz – Kaycie – [KRTM] – Manu Le Malin – N-Vitral – Noxiouz – Painbringer – Predator – Promo – Satirized – Screecher – Steve-D – Tec-9 – Tharoza – The Intellectual Killer – The Outside Agency – Vandal!sm – Xqruciator